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I'm back!!

2013-01-02 10:35:38 by kesterg6

Shoopsoldier is back, and he's ready to go! I've put sone new movies on YouTube now and hundreds of new pictures on my blog, love to you all!


2010-02-21 14:10:08 by kesterg6

well i can put lego films on youtube, so look out for them coming soon! when i get flash ill let you little people know and then ill put them on newgrounds. at the moment i am i nthe stages of making lego nazi zombies and its looking pretty sweet. ive already finished lego d-days 1 and 2 so theyll be up and running soon. (see a picture from one of them below)


well thats just great.

2010-02-20 05:38:30 by kesterg6

well, turns out you cannot upload pivot or lego stuff onto this website. it has to be flash, which costs like 300 quid doesnt it? i wouldnt be able to make flash anyway, im only 12. but i really am looking forward to making flash when im older. expect lots of stick figure stuff. just like my idol, oscar johannson (if thats how you spell his name i cant remember). his stuff is amazing! the reprecussions are legendary!!!

well thats just great.


2009-11-15 05:36:44 by kesterg6

brackenwood... well... wow. its so legendary!

yo dudes!

2009-11-15 05:29:02 by kesterg6

well i'm new to newgrounds but am already going to submit some flashes. expect lots of lego stuff!